Inventic Watches now available with a new collection.

Exciting new models have been developed and carefully manufactured in order to revive the Swiss watch brand which has been established in 1915.

Inventic was registered as a brand more than 100 years ago - in 1915 - by Fabrique d'Horlogerie Ed. Kummer SA, located in Bettlach, in Switzerland. 

Eduard Kummer Bettlach aka EKB was already established in 1888. The company was founded by the 43 year old Eduard Kummer and began as a manufacturer of rough movements (ebauches). In the beginning of the century EKB also began to produce finished watches.

Eduard Kummer actually registered more than 100 different brand names in his time. The most famous to-date is Atlantic Watch. However, the first registered brand name was Ariston in 1897, followed by Eximia, Speciosa and Veridica in 1905 followed by Alacris, Esperanto, Integra and Pernix in 1906 and so on. Even a brand called ”The Policeman” was registered 1910.

Finally, Inventic was established in 1915. The production of watches under the name Inventic continued until the 70s but unfortunately ceased thereafter.

In 2022, Inventic has been revived with new collections designed for young people of the 21st Century.